6 Tips for Planning Your Work From Home Holiday Schedule

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December 13, 2021

We're almost halfway through December and if you've been paying attention to the Ugenie blog this month, your social media schedule should be at its best. But how about your personal schedule?

In all likelihood your flexible working regime has been the hot topic of family dinner on a Sunday, then during lunch the following Monday. This is great, as long as you stick to your word, but the chances are you've had one day of rest in the past two weeks and feel overwhelmed by the tasks that just seem to keep piling up.

We get it. It can be difficult to balance work and home life, especially when your office is your living room! Perhaps you could try out these 17 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance, but not until you've stayed for our specifics!

So come on, let us help you out with a few tips sure to lessen the holiday load.

1) Create a clear timetable for your workweek, establishing start and finish times as well as breaks along the way. And if you want to be even more efficient, learn How To Leverage The Increased Holiday Engagement.

2) Turn off your devices once your workday is over to avoid the temptation of planning content at 10 pm when you should be watching Love Actually.

3) If you're taking a break over the holidays, which you should be, design a phased return to work schedule to allow yourself time to rest and recuperate in time for the new year.

4) Factor time into your Christmas plan for friends, family and alone time to avoid burnout.

5) Embrace your downtime, this is the one time of year where rest is encouraged nationwide.

6) Be mindful that plans may change last minute as the Christmas season can be hectic and unpredictable. Your schedule should allow flexibility.

What're you waiting for? Turn off your devices and get 40 winks before Santa comes to town. Unless you're reading this at 10 am, and in that case, most certainly don't turn anything off, it's prime social media engagement time!

Scurry to the platform where your ideal clients are most likely hanging out this morning!

And before we sign off, don't forget today is the first day of Ugenie's Instagram advent calendar. Join us in the countdown to Christmas, we don't bite!

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