Easy membership management

Managing members with Ugenie couldn’t be easier. Invite, edit, analyse and communicate with your members in a few simple steps.

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Add members to your members directory

Easily invite new members by email or by uploading a CSV and watch you member directory grow.


Targeted member communication

Reduce the noise and only communicate with members that need to see your messages or announcements. Filter by groups, tags or by selecting the individuals you want to message.


Promote your community champions

Turn your community champions into moderators or managers with the click of a button.

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Member activity reporting

Understand your membership activity, who’s leading the way and who’s lurking behind. View how often they post, comment and view your community content.

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Member content moderation

Ensure your community follows your member rules & guidelines. Approve or delete content within the admin dashboard, and keep your community feed clean from harmful comments.

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"Ugenie has simplified and reduced the work in running training programmes and making the content available for our course participants - they only need to go to one place."
Marion Thomas, Founder of Extraordinary PM
Marion Thomas

Founder of Extraordinary PM

"Ugenie lets us share meaningful, relevant and curated content with all our employees. It means that staff can check in to the App whenever they have free time. It is radically reducing the emails that we have to send out so our staff can concentrate on business/client-related emails (and not face extra emails with work-related training content etc)."
andy-231x300 (1)
Andy Taylor

Founder of Companies For Net Zero

“As a coach, I was searching for a platform that would allow me to organise my coaching content and create a community where my clients could connect in a safe place away from social media. Ugenie was able to meet all of my needs.”
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Adelle Martin

Executive Midlife Coach

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