What's Unique About Your Membership & Subscription Business?

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July 30, 2021

We ask such a broad question, as your membership and subscription business is likely competing with others similar to yours.

That’ll likely continue in the future too.

Understanding your business’s Unique Selling Point (USP) allows you to position your business in a competitive landscape, and prevent brand namelessness.

What’s a USP?

It’s the one thing that makes your business stand out from the rest. And, it’s vital for attracting and retaining members, subscribers, and customers!

Below, we have listed a range of questions to guide you on thoughts about your business’s unique selling point. We hope this sparks ideas and discussion! Questions to Help Find Your M&S Business’s USP

Who is your target member or subscriber?

How do your members or subscribers find your product or service?

How do your members or subscribers interact with one another?

Does your business provide additional value alongside its primary offering?

What problem are you aiming to solve for your members or subscribers?

What do your current members or subscribers like about your service?

What does your business do that your competitors do not?

What does your product or service offer that competing ones do not?

What are your competitors currently doing?

What do you think your competitors will introduce in the future?

In what ways does your business’s brand differentiate from your competitors’?

Does your business’s brand have a unique personality?

Does your business’s pricing strategy differentiate from your competitors’?

What is it about your business that your competitors cannot replicate?

There’s loads of questions! We urge you to explore each in more depth. The more you ask, the closer you’ll get to finding those unique elements of your business. Undoubtedly, they exist! On a final note, Growth Business believe that “search engines are making it so much easier and faster to look for items online and compare which one is better”. In a fast-paced digital climate, it’s never been more important to craft a USP. Remember, ‘reinventing the wheel’ completely is not the only route to take.

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