4 Benefits of an Exclusive Mobile Hub For Your Community or Membership

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January 20, 2021

Though communities do share a common interest or purpose, the most successful ones feel they share an experience. They are highly engaged and designed to provide value. According to the Harvard Business Review, we are in era of ‘antisocial’ social media. As individuals want to interact with their chosen communities and not their hectic feeds, the need for member-specific spaces has never been greater. Whether you a leader of business network, a social movement or a religious centre, you may be interested in an exclusive member hub for your members connect. Here are 4 benefits you may wish to consider.

Benefit 1 – Targeted Communication & Engagement

On a traditional social media, follower statistics are deceptive. Are all your followers really your loyal community members? As social media is highly distracting, building your community through the noise can be an arduous journey. With an exclusive hub, you provide a customer-centric space for your members to form relationships and grow together. As the community leader, you can engage in two-way communication, which further builds the network.

These factors trigger high engagement rates. In fact, the Community Roundtable Reports found that almost 50% of online community members are engaged, compared to a measly rate between 0.05 - 5% for social media pages. What a markable difference! And no community is the same. Each exhibit different behaviours as a by-product of their different interests. So, considering these differences and offering a tailored hub demonstrates true attention to detail and strong brand leadership. Benefit 2 – Data Analytics

Your community’s data is protected, which establishes trust. Also, most social media pages do not offer an integrated database. Online community analytics rigorously track your membership directory to record both demographic and engagement data. According to a study done by Forrester for SAP, 40% of the organisations use online communities to collect feedback and customer data. Exclusive member hubs provide advanced analytics tools that are bespoke to your business’s needs. So, your community-tailored content plan can be guided by information on behavioural patterns. This leads us onto benefit three.

Benefit 3 – Content Management & Delivery

On social media, your content and activities are subject to competition. They compete with content and activities from millions of other brands and individuals.

In your own membership platform,, content becomes more focused and personalized where community members seek this content, rather than receive it by luck through an algorithm.

Large amounts of content require external scheduling on social media. To exercise full control over content structure and management, your own membership hub is suitable. Benefit 4 – Business Promotion

Paid adverts on social media are a whole different issue. Reach is tentative, with little conversion guarantees. On your own platform, you have total control and can be sure that your community notice your product or service promotions. Alongside targeted content delivery, a fuller strategy for quality leads unfolds.

According to a Michigan University study, customers spend 19% more after joining a company’s online community in comparison to third party sites like Facebook. Perhaps the synergy between revealing analytics and focused adverts can explain this!

Ultimately, many of the brands we work with settle with FB groups because it's easy to use and low-cost. But if you are now looking for your own membership or community space, consider our no-code private membership platform Ugenie.

We at Ugenie provide a solution to low engagement, sparse communication, vague data analysis, and content disorganisation through our hubs. We are part of the ‘great migration’ towards private social media. If you are a community leader, or in the business of community, try a Ugenie hub, for free, for 45 days.

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