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July 12, 2021

As mentioned in Community Member Satisfaction Survey - Template, surveying is a wonderful method of collecting valuable insights on member satisfaction. But how would a community leader go about surveying, efficiently?

SurveyMonkey regards itself as a global leader in survey software, with ‘20 million questions answered daily’. Clearly, there are many who ask those all-important questions! Over the years, SurveyMonkey has diversified their offering. Now, they even provide businesses with the options of conducting more complex forms of market research and connecting with customers at key points of their buying journey.

SurveyMonkey believes businesses should ‘truly understand the voice of their customers to retain a competitive edge'. We couldn’t agree more! It’s a busy climate!

Do you hope to gauge how satisfied your members are, by using surveys? If so, click the link below, to check out SurveyMonkey!

If you are a community leader, or in the business of community, try a Ugenie hub, for free, for 45 days.

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