The Top 10 Content Generation Tools to Help You Create Quality Content

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January 23, 2023

Content creation is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy for a membership business. By creating content that appeals to your target audience, you can increase engagement, build trust, and drive more sales.

Content creation helps you to establish yourself as an authority in your field and provides valuable information to your customers about the benefits of joining your membership program.

It also helps to create a sense of community among members and potential customers, which can lead to increased loyalty and repeat purchases. Content creation also allows you to reach out to potential customers who may not otherwise be aware of your business or the services you offer.

Content creation can help you stay top-of-mind with existing members and encourage them to refer their friends and family. Simply put content creation is an invaluable tool for marketing your membership business and building a strong customer base.

Below we delve into a range of tools (free and paid) to help you create powerful action inducing content to draw new members to your community.

Our Top 3 Copywriting Tools


AI Content Generation is a powerful tool for AI generated copywriting because it combines the power of artificial intelligence with human creativity. It allows users to create high-quality, personalized content quickly and efficiently.

writesonic dashboard
Example Writesonic dashboard

The platform uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to generate content that is tailored to the user’s specific needs. It can analyse existing content and provide suggestions on how to improve it, as well as suggest new ideas for content creation.

With this powerful tool, businesses can create engaging and effective copywriting that will help them reach their desired audience in no time at all.

TextCortex AI

AI Content Generation

TextCortex website screenshot

TextCortex’s AI content generation algorithms are designed to help you create compelling, original copy that resonates with your readers.

Their AI technology can analyse your target audience’s interests and preferences in order to produce custom-tailored content that meets their needs. In addition, the AI system can suggest relevant keywords and phrases to help optimise your content for search engine rankings, giving you a competitive edge over other brands.

TextCortex also offers an array of features that make it easier than ever to create effective copy. Their intuitive user interface allows you to quickly and easily edit text, insert images, adjust formatting, and more – all without any coding knowledge.

They provide a useful Chrome Extension to assist with content generation while browsing the web.

Hemmingway App

Copy readability scoring

Hemmingway helps you to simplify your writing by breaking it down into simple, easy-to-understand sentences. The app also offers suggestions on how to improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Hemmingway App screenshot

With Hemmingway, you can make sure that your writing is concise and understandable. You can also use the app to create a document with a readability score, which will help you understand how easy or difficult it is for readers to understand your text.

The app also provides an editor mode which allows you to edit and refine your work until it is perfect. Additionally, Hemmingway App has a feature that helps you identify passive voice in your writing so that you can make sure that each sentence is written in active voice.

Our Top 4 Visual Content Generation Tools


Comprehensive Online Graphic Design Tool

Canva the online graphic design tool

Canva is a great tool for beginners and professionals alike. With Canva, you can design anything from simple graphics to complex designs in minutes.

It has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create customized designs quickly and easily. You can access thousands of templates and images to help get you started, or upload your own photos and graphics to customize your design.

Canva also offers tutorials and tips for creating stunning visuals. Plus, its collaboration features make it easy to share projects with team members or clients for feedback or approval.

With its wide range of features and tools, Canva is an invaluable asset for any business or individual looking to create professional-looking visuals without spending a fortune on graphic designers.

DesignStripe Mockups

App & Web Mockup Creation

Designstripe mockup tool screenshot

With DesignStripe, you can easily create beautiful, professional mockups of your designs in no time. Their easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows you to quickly upload your design and customize it with our wide range of features.

You can add text, logos, backgrounds, shadows and more to create a stunning mockup that will make your product stand out from the competition. With DesignStripe, you can also save and export your mockups in various file formats for use on social media or print materials.

If you're looking for an easy way to create amazing mockups for your products or website, we recommend Designstripe as the perfect tool for you!

Example Mockup using Designstripe


Free video and sound asset library

Screenshot of Mixkit

Mixkit is an online resource for free stock video clips, music, sound effects and video templates. It was created to help filmmakers, videographers, and other creatives find high-quality assets quickly and easily.

The library of assets is growing every day and includes a wide variety of clips from various genres and styles. Whether you’re looking for a clip to add some movement to your project or a sound effect to give it some extra flavor, Mixkit has something for you.

The site also offers a selection of video templates that can be used as starting points for your projects. These templates are pre-made with transitions and effects already applied so all you have to do is drop in your footage and start editing. This makes creating professional-looking videos easier than ever before.

Mixkit also offers exclusive content from some of the world's top creators such as travel photographer Daniel Kordan and DJ/producer Zedd. They provide unique content that can't be found anywhere else which can really add some extra flair to your projects.

Mixkit is constantly adding new assets to their library so there’s always something new to explore. Plus, all their content is royalty-free so you don’t have to worry about licensing fees or copyright issues when using them in your projects. This makes Mixkit the perfect resource for anyone looking for high-quality stock media without the hassle of licensing fees or copyright issues.


Video Ad Maker for Social Media

Screenshot of Offeo

Offeo is an amazing platform that makes creating product videos, social content, and logo animation easy and fun. With Offeo, you can create high-quality videos in just three minutes once you know how to use the platform.

You don’t need any special equipment or software to get started—all you need is an internet connection. With Offeo, you can choose from a wide selection of templates for product videos, social content, and logo animation. You can customize your video with text, images, music, and more. Once your video is complete, you can share it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular platforms.

Offeo is a great tool for businesses looking to create professional videos quickly and easily without having to invest in expensive equipment or software. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who want to promote their products or services in an effective yet cost-effective way.

Our Top 3 Audio Content Generation Tools


All-in-one Audio and Video Editing Tool

Screenshot of

Descript is a powerful audio and video editing platform that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality content.

With its intuitive interface, users can easily record, transcribe, edit, mix, collaborate, and master their audio and video files with ease. It also allows users to clone their own voice for use in their projects.

Descript's features make it ideal for both experienced professionals and amateur creators alike.

The platform supports a variety of file formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, AAC/MP4, MOV/MP4V and more.

Additionally, it offers real-time collaboration tools so that teams can work together on projects from any location. With its extensive library of sound effects and music tracks, Descript makes it easy to add the perfect touches to any project.

AI powered text to voice generator

Screenshot of is an AI-powered text to voice generator that enables users to generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio with the help of their online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.

It is a great tool for creating natural-sounding audio from text in no time. The generated audio can be downloaded as MP3 and WAV audio files. provides high quality, natural sounding voices that are perfect for all kinds of applications including voiceovers, e-learning, video games, podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

It also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. With its advanced AI technology, can accurately capture the nuances of human speech and deliver clear, natural-sounding results every time.

It offers a wide range of customization options so you can get just the right sound you need for your project. Whether you’re looking to create a podcast or just add some extra flair to your videos, is the perfect solution!

Anchor by Spotify

Free Podcasting Platform

Screenshot of Anchor is a free podcasting platform created by Spotify, designed to make it easy for anyone to create, distribute and monetise their own podcast.

It provides a range of tools that enable users to record audio, edit it and upload it to the Anchor platform.

Once uploaded, Anchor will automatically distribute the podcast to all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music and Spotify.

In addition to providing distribution services, Anchor also offers a range of features that help podcasters monetise their shows.

These include the ability to accept donations from listeners, as well as offering them exclusive content in exchange for payment.

Podcasters can also set up affiliate links with Amazon and other retailers so they can earn commission on sales made through their show.

Finally, Anchor also offers advertising opportunities for podcasters who want to generate revenue from their shows.

Overall, Anchor is an easy-to-use podcasting platform that enables anyone with access to a computer and internet connection to create and publish their own podcast show. With its range of features designed specifically for podcasters looking to monetise their shows, Anchor is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for aspiring podcasters.

The Importance of High Quality Content

Having high quality content is essential for promoting a membership. Content marketing is an effective way to reach potential members and increase engagement with existing members.

High quality content helps to build trust with potential members and encourages them to join your membership.

Quality content can also help to establish your organization as a reliable source of information, which can lead to more members joining.

Quality content also helps to keep current members engaged and informed about the latest news and developments within the organization.

It can also be used to drive sales and attract new members, as it demonstrates the value of the membership and provides valuable information that can be used by prospective members in their decision-making process.

Ultimately, having high quality content is essential for promoting a membership and increasing engagement with potential and existing members.

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