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November 18, 2021

Previously, we touched upon the potential of content. At its highest level, content increases brand awareness, educates readerships and provides free value for lead generation purposes.

Using a content calendar or content scheduling template is brilliant for planning distribution. However, during the creative phase of content marketing, actual tools are necessary.

We have recommended 5 below: Ideaflip, Miro, Grammarly, Canva and BuzzSumo.


Content creation requires project management and organisation skills. That’s because each piece of content is a mini-project in itself with administrative parts to it. Ideaflip is an innovative project management tool that digitises ‘sticky notes’ to add fun, dynamism and creative thought to typically mundane proceedings. With Ideaflip, content creators can brainstorm ideas, organise tasks, vote on decisions, annotate, collaborate across projects and export their deliverables.



Each piece of content is part of a topic, sub-topic and pillar page. A large whiteboard may help marketing teams to visualise each of these elements and subsequent connections. Miro is a free and simple-to-use collaborative and online whiteboard. Content marketing is a messy process. Order ensues with Miro’s UX, templates and ability to upload files. The whiteboard is regarded as an ‘infinite canvas’. So, if you’re overflowing with ideas, Miro’s smooth functionality can help you spill all of your content-related thoughts.



Grammarly is perhaps the most well-known AI-powered writing assistant, allowing content creators to write with their reader and brand in mind through phrasal suggestions. Attention to detail is crucial when creating content too. Grammarly have not forgotten this, and still include functions to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. ‘Everyone can be a great writer’, Grammarly states. So, if you find that your content lacks panache, polish or inspection, we recommend that you give Grammarly’s free version a go!



If each piece of your membership business’s content is due to be distributed on social media, then related graphics are essential to catch the attention of your audience. Canva is a free and user-friendly web-based graphic design tool. The platform provides a stunning range of templates, images, fonts, stickers and backgrounds. Also, Canva caters for various design uses, including presentations, infographics, invitations, emails and more. The possibilities are nearly endless!



Suppose you’re unsure on which content ideas to choose. BuzzSumo is designed to find which pieces of content will likely work best for your membership business, through analyses. BuzzSumo is brilliant for sourcing insights on competitor content, analysing trends per topic and filtering through influencers who could potentially promote. As stated on their website, ‘millions of marketers rely on BuzzSumo’. If you want to know what the hype is about, the platform provides a limited free plan.


There you have it! That’s 5 great tools for creating engaging content. Please note, some online community platforms provide an integrated payment service. Check these out too!

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