How to Customise Your Hub’s Branding | Ugenie | uHubs: Leader Guide

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July 31, 2021

Under Hub Settings, it’s possible to tailor your hub to your brand’s needs! This includes switching between brand colours and changing the display names of each of your hub’s sections with the aim of being distinguishable.

Though you are able to leave display names as defaults, we recommend rewording them so that they reflect your brand better. For example, a leader of a virtual academy may benefit from renaming their Members section to 'Students'.

Enter: Ugenie’s Hub Branding

  1. Log on as an Administrator

  2. The default landing page is Dashboard

  3. Find the Menu in the top right-hand corner next to your name

  4. Click Hub Settings

  5. Scroll downwards

Click Branding

Dashboard Preview Preview the aesthetic of your hub on the uHubs website. Mobile Preview Preview the aesthetic of your hub on the uHubs mobile application.

Hub Colours Customise your hub’s header, primary and secondary colours with a Hex code.

Display Names Customise the display names of each section. For each section, capitalisation and pluralisation are automatic. We recommend that you use a singular lowercase name.

Click Update Branding

Application Branding Updated’ will appear at the top of your screen as confirmation.

Your hub’s branding has officially been customised and is available to view.

And there you have it! That’s how to customise your hub’s branding

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