How to Create a Marketplace Post | Ugenie | uHubs: Leader Guide

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October 14, 2021

The Marketplace section is a dedicated feed that allows members to buy, sell or share resources within your community. If used effectively, the Marketplace section can be a strategic way to monetise the content and deliverables within your membership business alongside your standard charges.

Here you can publish a resource into your marketplace for members to see. Along with the use of Groups, Member Types and Tags, you can assign different marketplace posts to specific members to segment your hub’s monetisation strategy effectively.

Enter: Ugenie's Marketplace

  1. Log on as an Administrator

  2. The default landing page is Dashboard

  3. Find the Navigation Menu on the left-hand side

  4. Click Marketplace

Click Create Post

Post Title The title cannot exceed 40 characters. This means it will appear neat on the feed. Website Enter the website URL that is associated with your marketplace offering.

I Would Like To Click Sell, Buy or Share depending on if you wish to sell, buy or share a resource.

Currency Choose £, $ or depending on the currency of your resource’s price. Minimum & Maximum Price Choose a minimum and maximum price for your resource. Enter both for flexibility. Location Type a physical address to visit for redeeming the resource. Images Upload an image for your new post. 1500 x 1500 pixel resolution is recommended. Description Enter a description for your new post. Ensure it is under 2000 characters.

Tags Choose to assign the post to specific tags you have created. Alternatively, create custom tags for this post only. Member Types Choose to market the post to specific member types you have created. Groups Choose to market the post within specific groups you have created.

Time Zone Choose a time zone for your post. Visible From Choose to schedule your post on a particular date and at a particular time. Visible Until Leave blank if the post is everlasting without an expiry date. Alternatively, choose an expiry date and time to market the post for a limited period.

Click Save

Posted to Marketplace’ will appear at the top of your screen as confirmation.

The new marketplace post has officially been published and is available for members to view in the marketplace section.

And there you have it! That’s how to create a marketplace post on uHubs!

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