Ideaflip, For Aesthetic 'Sticky Note' Project Management | Ugenie | Technology & Tools

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August 19, 2021

You may have a plethora of projects, ready to be organised in a visually appealing format, so that you and your team can improve your workflow.

Ideaflip is an innovative project management tool. It’s a digitization of ‘sticky notes’, to add elements of fun and dynamism to typically mundane proceedings. With Ideaflip, a project manager is empowered to brainstorm ideas, organise tasks, add voting functions, annotate, connect workflows, and export work.

Like other similar tools, Ideaflip ensures that teams can collaborate remotely, and in real-time. There’s a stunning range of templates to choose from too!

Are you bored of your project management tool, and ready for a sticky note change?

If so, click the link below, to check out Idealip!

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