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November 4, 2021

Monetisation is undoubtedly the desired outcome of your membership business. Such opportunities may arise when you provide value through your service.

But after reaching this point, what payment tool should a membership or subscription choose? To guide your choice, we’ve found 5 notable ones for you!


Some SaaS, or software-as-a-service companies, tend to require a billing solution that’s more aligned with their unique subscription-based business model. Billsby provides accurate recurring billing for these subscription-based businesses. They primarily service the wellbeing, education, healthcare, travel and property industries. Further, Billsby offers a Zapier integration to help businesses synergise with other tools. With Zapier, Billsby can even work with a separate online community platform.



Chargify is another suitable payment tool for SaaS companies in the business-to-business trade (B2B). The software is stunningly flexible for various billing scenarios!

Users can collect one-time, recurring, quantity-based, prepaid and events-based income. Also, the platform produces financial analytics to help community managers understand their revenue.

And, with Stripe and Forte integrations, Chargify smoothly processes payments in all major currencies, allowing a larger and global membership business to scale efficiently.



Chargebee states that their payment platform is ‘designed to go beyond billing’. From the testimonials and features listed on their website, the statement seems to be justifiable. Through the automation of recurring billing and invoicing, Chargebee can help eliminate manual ledger-based errors. Also, Chargebee facilitates the delivery of a ‘slick’ payment experiment, with a customisable PCI-Compliant checkout.

One review on TrustRadius stated that Chargebee is ‘easy to use’, has ‘great UI’ and is ‘ideal for knowing about your subscription revenue’.



Being able to ‘iterate’ is a distinguishing feature of Recurly, where trials, plans, pricing and promotions can be structured with ease and repetitively.

Recurly also offers an impressive host of payment methods, which allow subscribers to pay with major credit and debit cards, ACH, digital wallets and local payment methods.

And, similar to Chargebee, the Recurly route will give you the option of creating a custom checkout experience that’s reflective of your brand’s identity. https://recurly.com/


Fusebill is highly flexible. The platform allows a membership business owner to combine and automate recurring, tier, consumption-based and other billing models.

But beyond payments, Fusebill can be your ‘growth partner’. That’s because the company’s sales engineers are equipped to tailor your sales process to your timelines.

Finally, as your membership business grows, Fusebill’s automation services can ensure there are systems to deal with failed payments, expired credit cards or late invoices.

There you have it! That’s 5 great tools for taking subscription payments. Please note, some online community platforms provide an integrated payment service. Check these out too!

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