Is your content being seen?

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February 10, 2022

Organic reach on social media is how well your posts perform when you don’t boost them. As we all know, organic reach has been on decline for some time, especially on Facebook.

“You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media,” Mark Zuckerberg said at the start of 2018. “And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard—it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

As a consumer, we think this is great! Facebook can go back to what it used to be for us - a way to connect with our friends and family from around the world.

But as a business that also leverages social media to connect with prospective customers, we must stop and ask, ‘what do we do now that one of our greatest marketing tools being is changed so drastically, again?’

Well, one clear answer is paying for visibility through boosts and ads.

But if you are like many of the small business owners we work with, you do not have the resources or know-how for paid ads, and must rely on organic reach.

So for those of you who are in that boat, we have pulled together some of the top resources & blogs we found with great tips on how to increase your organic reach.

Top Tip

The most consistent piece of advice we hear from social media and marketing experts is that in order to be seen we should publish high quality content that resonates with your audience. This because it's all about using content to build a relationship with prospective customers.


Here are some amazing blogs and articles that we found with really practical tips.

  1. Organic Reach is in Decline—Here’s What You Can Do About It

  2. 10 Tactics to Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach

  3. Social Media Engagement: Why it Matters and How to Do it Well

  4. 36 Essential social media marketing statistics to know for 2021

We hope these resources help you better understand how to leverage social media even when you don't have the budgets for ads for lead generation. We do think, however,

that once you have you built a strong, loyal audience that wants to regularly hear from you, you need to take them to a dedicated platform tailored for you and your brand.

This way your customers/community can connect with content they value without having to troll for it. And you can stop spending so much time just making sure your content is seen and more time actually engaging with your community - which again, is a whole another topic for another day as it comes with all it's own challenges.

If this topic is of interest, join Ugenie founder Susan Kabani and Ugenie community leaders Maddy Alexander-Grout and Adelle Martin next Wednesday February 17th at 11 AM on Clubhouse when they will be speaking about the power of community for business today. Both Maddy and Adelle are powerful users of social media for their brands, but have also recognised the need to build a private space away from the noise, and can also share their experience.

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