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February 4, 2022

Your Potential Idea: You Aim To Articulate Your Brand Voice With Podcasts

Engaging video content demands comfort in front of a camera. In contrast, a few renown podcasts have successfully emerged with only a voice. Podcasts are amazing platforms for collaborative debates over industry trends. You can show expertise, to gain the trust of your tribe. Sparking chatter amongst your audience is a sure sign of strong leadership. So, a medium for raising awareness on industry topics, is much needed. A Potential Tool: Anchor

Anchor is an all-inclusive platform, allowing you to create, distribute, and monetise your podcast, entirely for free.

With ‘mobile milestones’, Anchor indicates your level of podcast completion. Its self-reported numbers are dazzling. According to TechCrunch, Anchor believe they are currently powering over 40% of new podcasts.

And, it’s suitable for a COVID-19 climate, as shown in the next section!

Features & Benefits Unlimited Free Hosting Anchor aim to ‘democratise’ audio to ensure podcasting is accessible to everyone on the planet. Hence, hosting is completely free. One-Click Distribution

You have the option of managing or delegating RSS feeds and distribution. By sharing your Anchor profile, a listener can choose any platform to join your podcast. Monetisation Anchor can match your podcast with related brands, ready to publish sponsored adverts. To guarantee ad-related revenue, you must build an audience of regular listeners. Also, a listener can donate to your podcast, to keep it running. Invitations Invite anyone, from anywhere, to your podcast. Multiple people can join at once if they also have Anchor installed. This is perfect for a ‘guest’ setup, similar to Off Menu presented by James Acaster and Ed Gamble. Analytics Analyse your podcast’s performance with the Anchor analytics dashboard. Your number of plays over time, and episode comparisons, are just two examples of available metrics.

Remote Recording Mobile tools on iOS and Android are enough for recording your voice. Plugging in an external microphone is also an option if your podcast is proving popular. Episode Builder The Anchor episode builder lets you craft episodes with a visual list of segments. The software is highly intuitive.

Editing & Creation Tools Edit right from your iPhone or Android device, after recording audio. Listeners can tap a button to send an Anchor voice message. External audio can be imported too. To sharpen up your episode, transitions, sound effects, and background music are readily available to give your piece a creative edge. Transcribed Videos Share a 1-minute promotional video of your podcast on all your social networks, with a compact summary and tailored dimensions. “… And, We’re Live!”

Click the link below, to go live on Anchor, and let this wonderful podcast software perpetuate your brand voice and community purpose!

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