Membership Payments, Ugenie's Latest Feature

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February 3, 2022

Over the past few months we've been working on adding some new, exciting features to our membership platform to improve the experience for both our members and our managers. The first integration we want to introduce is Stripe membership payments!

We heard your despair, "why can't my members pay through the site?", fret no more, allow us to walk you through the improvements.

Membership payment integration, Ugenie partnering with Stripe
Image - Ugenie's New Payment Feature, Stripe - Only Available On The Web App

How to activate Stripe membership management

Upon logging into your uHubs admin account, you'll see "Hub Settings" displayed on the top right hand side of your page. Please note, this feature is only available on the web app.

Image - Ugenie uHubs Dashboard - Hub Settings

In your Hub Settings you will now see “powered by Stripe”.

Image - Ugenie uHubs Settings - Member Plans powered by Stripe

If you don't want to deploy this new feature, nothing will change for you or your members and you certainly won't know the difference!

However, if this feature is something you want to introduce to your community, you can do so in just a few simple steps:

Video - How to Enable and Setup the Member Payments Feature on Ugenie

  1. Click/tap on "Member Plans"

  2. You'll then be prompted to answer two simple questions, "Do you want to charge for your membership?" and "Do you wish to use Ugenie's Stripe?"

  3. Upon answer "Yes", you'll be taken to a Stripe login page, where you can connect with your own personal account

  4. Leave the rest to technology and allow Stripe connect

  5. Once the integration is done, you'll be brought back to the page displaying all your uHubs settings

  6. Inform your members of the new integration and you're good to go!

What happens after you've set up Stripe?

There won't be immediate noticeable changes after you've integrated Stripe, though members should expect changes to the way they pay for their membership. Stripe requires members to provide their card details to ensure direct, on-time billing. This means that even if a new member has access to a free trial, valid card details will still be required, they'll receive an invoice valuing "0" but if cancellation isn't confirmed before the trial is over, they will be charged for the full membership amount.

As far as you're concerned, not much will change, other than where you'll be paid from. Your admin interface will remain the same, allowing you to view all your member types in table format, where you can edit existing types and add new ones! Say goodbye to "Expert" and hello to "Diamond", or whatever other name you decide on.

You can bill members weekly, monthly, annually or even create your own custom billing schedule. In the future, we'll be adding some new key features where you'll be able to turn your most faithful members into a lifelong community with one off payments. We're looking forward to it, are you?

If you need further guidance per setting up your new payment integration, don't hesitate to book a time slot to speak to our CEO, who will be more than happy to help!

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