The Membership Marketing Funnel Infographic

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January 10, 2022

Attracting new members to your private platform doesn’t have to be a difficult task, visualising the formula to an effective membership marketing funnel is only a scroll away.

Download the infographic below:

The Membership Marketing Funnel, by Ugenie
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You may be wondering how you can use this as a tool to advertise to new members, and luckily for you, there’s a whole list of tasks you can start now to secure them.

Take the time to jot down any notes or ideas for each section of the funnel. If you need some help along the way, we've created some examples of how you can design each stage.

Brand Advocacy

The key to gaining a loyal following is staying true to your values, goals and focuses and letting your followers build trust in your content, so ensure you maintain consistency online.

Showing An Interest

If you don’t already have one, build an online site where prospective members can navigate to, from your social media platforms.

Your site should clearly explain the services you’re offering, i.e. a private membership network.

The more information you can give prospects upon their first encounter, the more likely a successful interaction is. Perhaps take people behind the scenes of your membership community to groom their curiosity further.

Research and Evaluation

It’s a good idea to probe your market for sub-niches to provide yourself with the opportunity to lead the conversation, thus increasing reach and setting a solid foundation for when prospective members research you.

Making A Decision

Upon successfully crafting your funnel, the final stage of the process should unravel itself.

💡 Top Tip: Refrain from getting lost at the prospect of a new member. Continue your content creation, scheduling and planning so that when you do welcome new members, you can do so with a clear strategy. View Ugenie’s content schedule template here.

For further support in designing the perfect formula for optimal membership success, browse the rest of our blog, or reach out to us on Instagram, where we'd be happy to assist.

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