Retaining Your Members And Keeping Them Engaged

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January 7, 2022

Retaining Your Members And Keeping Them Engaged

When starting a membership community, you’ve got to know how to keep your members involved. If you were to disappear for a day, you should be confident that your community would notice.

And well if they wouldn’t, something isn’t right.

Make Your Community Personal

A community that interacts and engages can be difficult to achieve in the early days, which is expected when you throw a group of strangers into a private place and tell them to talk. It’s almost like those dreadful ice breakers teachers would trap us all in on the first day of class.

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But also set the tone for taking part and let your members follow suit. When a member plucks up the courage to make a post, always respond to them and make sure they’re being heard. Even if you’re the only one responding for a while, your community will eventually realise that their involvement doesn’t have to be all that daunting.

And ultimately, this will give you the upper hand in making personal connections with your members and creating a community that is welcoming.

💡 Top Tip: Give your community incentive to stay loyal to your membership platform, read our blog post about giving active members a greater role in the community.

Stay In The Loop

Outside of your tight-knit community, other things will be happening that may have an effect on your members. Making sure you’re up to date with the news that concerns you will allow you to report on any major events before your members send themselves into a frenzy.

Being the first to mention the situation will ensure you can set the tone for the issue, if you remain calm and collected, so will your members and you’ll all be able to have an open discussion about what it means for you.

You can also use this as an opportunity to further promote your membership community on your other platforms by writing a short post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and your blog and adding a link to join your community to stay up to date and join in on a discussion about future happenings.

Keep Track Of Your Analytics

Although keeping your members happy and engaged is vital to a successful membership community, you also need to make sure you aren’t neglecting the business aspects.

Keep track of your metrics and analytics so you know what posts are performing the best, what your reach is like. You can use our community engagement audit template for this. This is important to help you plan content that will receive the most engagement.

And sometimes members will fluctuate, an exit survey would be a great way to recognise a pattern of where or how you’re losing members so you can change these factors for the future to prevent members from losing interest.

You may even be able to win back your cancelled members, using these great tips.

Set The Standard For Your Community

Having clear guidelines from the beginning will help to keep harmony within your community, the more welcoming your community is, the more likely members are to keep coming back.

Stay true to yourself and what your membership stands for and your community will stick by you.

You can also read our blog post about increasing community engagement if you need more tips and tricks to keep your members active.

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