Building The Funnel For Your Membership Community

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January 21, 2022

building the funnel for your membership community

The Funnel, often referred to as the buying or selling funnel, is the ideal process for prospective members, from visiting your website to purchasing a product/service, or in this case, your membership.

There are four main stages of the funnel: brand advocacy, showing an interest, research and evaluation and making a decision.

Let us walk you through what you should be doing at each stage.

Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy will play a significant role in promoting your brand and what you’re offering. You will need to raise awareness about your membership and what it entails. This can come in the form of social media posts and paid advertisements.

Your tech tools can also promote your community, helping to bring traffic to your landing site and in turn increasing membership sales.

Showing An Interest

Attracting prospective members to your landing site is one aspect of the funnel but how you can drive them to your community membership platform is another.

You should review the contents of your site, making sure visitors can use a form to sign up to stay in the loop via an emailing list or newsletter.

If you can stay active in your prospective client’s minds, they’re more likely to continue considering your services and thus join your membership community.

Research And Evaluation

Although it may seem like their final decision is out of your hands at this stage of the funnel, we assure you it’s not. The prospective member in question will be conducting their own research on you and services similar for sure, but that doesn’t mean you can stop trying to win them over.

Keep in touch with them, use the email they provided your site with to reach out to them. The Membership Guys offer tips on email marketing for membership communities, check that out here.

Making A Decision

Unfortunately, not everyone who goes through the process of the funnel regarding your membership will become a loyal member, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be returning customers. Offer down selling opportunities for them to delve into any other services you may have, as they may not be ready to make a bigger commitment yet.

Alternatively, if they’ve decided they want to join your membership community, ensure they fill out a community joiner welcome survey and then offer them upselling opportunities.

If you have services that offer more or different perks, offer to discuss these with them in case they’re interested. They may be happy with what they’ve got, but later down the line, they’ll remember your offer should they require other services. You can read about the real way to sell high-priced packages here, written by our expert CEO at Ugenie.

Finding new members through the marketing funnel

Start thinking about how you will design your own funnel. Think about what tools you will need.

Or you can book a meeting with a member of the Ugenie team for further guidance and support on all things membership communities.

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