Marketing for Your Ideal Client: Are You Doing it Right?

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November 19, 2021

Marketing for Your Ideal Client: Are You Doing it Right?

An ideal client is a person or business whose direct needs are met by your product or service. This plays an important role in your engagement, organic reach and retention of your existing followers.

What Does an Ideal Client Look Like?

The truth is, every business is different. There is no single ideal client, so you must figure out yours based on a number of criteria.

In the case of Ugenie, to simplify who our ideal client is, they’re business managers. They are most likely someone who has been marketing their brand for a while and so they have a social media presence of some kind.

Also, they might be someone who is looking to take a step away from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or wherever else they promote themselves.

Our clients at Ugenie are usually over the age of 30 and not well versed in the strategies of viral trends on TikTok, so need to get away from the messiness of these types of platforms.

As our clients fit this demographic, we can usually find and interact with them through our Facebook page, as this is the platform that most people of this age grew up with and is thus most familiar to them to navigate for their business.

How To Find Your Ideal Client

We've already established who our ideal client is, can you do the same?

Here are some questions you can ask to discover more about your ideal client:

  • What is their gender? Perhaps your business hasn’t created a significant gender divide, or your client base typically skews towards certain gender identity.

  • How old are they? Figure out the age bracket they fall into, on average. Don’t include the anomalies in this but make note of them regardless – they may not be your ideal client, but they’re clients nonetheless.

  • What is their socio-economic status? Find a pattern with your community’s income. You can use this to refine your content to what they can afford and what they’d be interested in based on research of their demographic.

  • What hobbies do your clients have? Use these to connect with them and to create specific content for them. If 90% of your community play tennis twice a week, embed tennis terms into your content when you can to retain their engagement.

  • Who do they follow on social media? It’s also worth considering the personal lives of your community members. Figuring out what interests them on social media will allow you to create your content accordingly

  • What magazines or blogs do they read? If the majority of your clientele read The Membership Guys, you know they already have an interest in membership communities, which will work well when migrating your community.

💡 Top Tip: use a template to generate an avatar of your ideal client.

Generating a holistic view of your consumers will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Create targeted advertisements that will assure interaction

  • Produce content specific to your members’ consumption habits

  • Connect with your members on a personal level

How to Connect With Your Members On A Personal Level

Your research regarding your ideal client will allow you to form personal connections with your members, which is important for engagement and retention within your community.

People are more likely to interact with posts or content if they feel like they know you. Vice versa, it creates a feeling of safety and understanding which they need, so they can feel comfortable with sharing their ideas and communicating with other members.

💡 Top Tip: when generating your ideal client, a person’s goals are as significant as their personality. You want to attract people who fit your goals too, people who are ready to pay for your services and contribute to your community. Find out more about this here.

Are You Ready to Take Action?

Now is your chance to open a new browser, or two, and begin to acquaint yourself with your ideal client.

And when you’re ready, get back to us and book a demo to start your membership community.

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