How To Leverage The Increased Engagement Over The Holidays

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November 29, 2021

Having a social media presence, it's likely you're questioning whether your current profiles will prevail engagement over the Christmas period. And by some kind of magic, we have the answers for all your holiday outreach woes. Call it a Christmas miracle.

The Engagement Surge

To understand social media traction from December to January 1st, you must decipher the purpose these platforms serve during this time. For example, Facebook, a known platform for sharing pictures and snippets from daily life suddenly turns into marketing central, influencing 55% of users’ festive purchases.

In a survey, conducted by Wonder, it was seen that posting activity on Facebook increases by 26% from November to January 1st. And of course it would, full-time workers take their holiday entitlement, school kids and teenagers are on Christmas break and companies are racking up their festive involvement.

You can read more from the said survey here. But only after you've reached the end of this piece. We don't want to say goodbye to you just yet!

Great, you decided to stay! Now we can tell you that organic reach will, in turn, increase during this time period.

Okay maybe you didn't need telling that, but were you aware the key to posting isn't so much about driving engagement as it is about receiving engagement that accompanies action?

Engagement That Results In Action

Action should directly link to a sale, a prospective client or your brand name being shared elsewhere.

For example, a Facebook post titled "Joining A Private Social Network At Christmas" may reach a couple of hundred people, but without any incentive, action will be unlikely.

Instead, the title, altered to "Gifting A Private Social Network To You This Christmas" suggests an offer for readers, thus encouraging an action.

Encompassing a personal gift for someone who is definitely spending too much money and could do with a discount will make a sale, or at least an interest, more likely.

Perhaps you can treat yourself to learning about using Facebook alongside an online community platform. How does that sound?

Word Of Mouth Marketing

Alongside having a tip-top content schedule this holiday season, you may also wish to consider the benefits of minimalistic marketing and focus on simple holiday posts that will give you enough time to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Yes, that's right, there will be more to Christmas this year than a screen and loneliness, thanks Covid for calming down... a bit.

2020's sad Christmas aside, now is the perfect time for you to use your followers and organic reach as a means of marketing, without having to create an extra marketing workload.

The way this works is, you guessed it, through word of mouth marketing.

What you want to do is share a few well-thought-out, SEO friendly posts throughout the month to gain traction on social media and search engines, but centre the rest of your content around living in the moment and enjoying festivities.

The posts that are built to drive traffic to your page/site will do their job, and your followers or soon-to-be followers will essentially do theirs too by telling their friends, family and probably the John Lewis checkout man about your social media page and what you're offering this Christmas.

Killing two birds with one stone, some may say.

Or flying 1 sleigh with 9 reindeer, though that one doesn't really work, does it?

What will work though, is The Membership Guys' post to help you run a membership over the holidays.

Ugenie Takes On Festivities

Stay tuned on our blog and Instagram page over the following weeks as we post more and more festive content to help you and your business or social media page stand out amongst all the Santa hats and hot chocolate pictures.

And if you haven't yet, check out our post 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Content for more general engagement guidance.

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