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August 11, 2021

There is no doubt that content is a much-needed element for online communities. Some view it as a social object that community members use to solve their problems.

But, it can become challenging to segment your content according to social media channels, audiences, topics and uses.

We have compiled a content scheduling template to help you bring your content ideas to life. Below are explanations of each heading to guide your use of the template.

Download Now: Ugenie’s Community Leader Content Schedule Template

Ugenie - Community Leader Content Schedule (Template)
Download XLSX • 13KB

Social Media Channels

Choose the most effective social media channels or platforms to distribute your content. By testing each platform, you will gain a clearer idea of where your target audiences reside. You do not need to be everywhere! After testing each platform, choose the channel where your ideal customer lives and remain focused on that.

Date & Time

Pick a date and time for your content to be distributed. Some content is seasonal. For example, a Christmas post to showcase personality will be more suitable for December.

Content Type

‘Original’ refers to content that you have created from scratch. ‘Curated’ refers to content that you have created from other existing pieces of content. ‘Evergreen’ refers to content that remains relevant in all periods.

Content Format

Be creative with your use of text, video, images, or other media formats.

Category & Topic

Allocate your piece of content to an overarching theme or category, together with a topic. This approach is beneficial for synergy with pillar pages on your website’s blog.


Draft, sketch or thoroughly complete your content idea. There are many websites that provide tips on how to write engaging, impactful and quality content. Copyhackers, Content Marketing Institute, Semrush, Jimdo, The Content Factory and Copify are a few noteworthy ones to mention.


Using a research tool, decide on the most effective hashtags for engagement. Hashtags are useful when making sure that your content is being seen by the right people throughout the noisy world of social media.

Unique Value Proposition

On a micro-level, keep in mind what makes your piece of content unique. On a macro-level, refer to your business's unique selling point whilst prioritising content ideas.


Understand the purpose behind your content concerning your membership business’s primary goals and KPIs. Your content must either entertain, inspire, educate or convince. Target Audience

Think about the types of individuals that may resonate with your content. Please take into consideration their demographics, psychographics, geographics and behaviours.


Choose an analytics tool to measure the performance of your content. If your content distributes on an online community platform, in-built analytics may be available. Performance

Track and report on the engagement metrics associated with your content. Engagement metrics inherently differ across each social media channel.

Created, Edited & Distributed For organisation, continually update the status and journey of your content’s schedule. URL

Add the website or file URL of the content to maintain a directory of access.

Download Now: Ugenie’s Community Leader Content Schedule Template

Ugenie - Community Leader Content Schedule (Template)
Download XLSX • 13KB

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