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August 25, 2021

In ‘Using Data-Driven Thinking to Understand Your Community Members’, we touched upon the value of keeping track of a member’s demographics, psychographics and behaviours.

These data points can help create and update avatars, especially during a membership business's strategy and planning phase.

An avatar is simply a description of a hypothetical and non-existent individual within your target audience or market.

By narrowing down to serve a particular type of person, you will save the time and money.

Below is a member avatar template to help guide your market research.

Also, with the first and last sections, we provide the option of turning this resource into a full-fledged profile for real-life members.

Download Now: Ugenie’s Community Member Avatar

Ugenie - Community Member Avatar (Template)
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Personal Details

When using this resource to collect data on real-life members, don't forget the basics!

These include their names, pictures, email addresses, phone numbers, locations and personal descriptions.


Demographics involve socio-economic traits separate from character. Anticipate your target members' ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, languages, urban or rural classes, cultures, education levels, professions, income levels, marital statuses and family members.


Psychographics involve character-driven psychological traits, influencing preferences. Consider your target members' personalities, interests, opinions, lifestyle, activities, worldview, values, motivations, goals, and challenges.


Behaviours involve identifiable actions associated with your business or community. Again, when creating actual profiles, aim to survey your members' media patterns, recent purchases, device usage, browsing activities, engagements, feedback and brand loyalty.

We hope you have found this useful!

Download Now: Ugenie’s Community Member Avatar

Ugenie - Community Member Avatar (Template)
Download PDF • 102KB

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