Daily Community Action Plan - Template

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November 3, 2021

Perhaps the most desired outcome of community management is engagement. Though a membership business may exhibit member growth, engagement levels may plateau.

In 8 Ways to Increase Community Engagement, we noted that engagement involves planning, perseverance and guidance. Before, we posted our Community Engagement Audit template for the purpose of helping you analyse your current engagement position.

According to Thrive Global, great online communities are built around credibility. Consistency in messaging, branding and activity means membership businesses appear noteworthy and exceptional.

Therefore, we have compiled our very own Daily Community Action Plan template. With consistent use, we envision that your long-term engagement situation will improve.

Download Now: Ugenie’s Daily Community Action Plan Template

Ugenie - Daily Community Action Plan (Template)
Download XLSX • 13KB

Social Media Channels

Research and survey for the most effective platforms for your membership business. For example, the visual nature of Instagram may surpass LinkedIn for fashion-related membership businesses.

Read Feed

Skim through each of your social media feeds to gather information on current trends, news and content. Filter through each by using relevant or perceived hashtags.

Check Messages

Check if any members, prospects or viewers have sent you messages. Messages may consist of indicators of interest, opportunities for collaboration or simply a casual conversation.

Reply to Messages

Reply to each message with evident personalisation, effort and care. It’s worth sorting your messages by order of priority. Then you can dedicate more time to sales-related queries.

Curate Content

Use a content curation tool to list or bookmark popular pieces of relevant content on your feed. You’ll benefit from reposting these on your story or your own feed.

Check Mentions

Check to see if any users have mentioned you in a post, story or comment. Mentions demonstrate that the particular user is very much interested in you or what you offer.

Analyse Metrics

Report the number of views, likes, comments or shares on recent pieces of content. Content analytics are accessible within social apps, or externally via HubSpot, Google Analytics or other providers.

Engage on Feed

Scroll through your feed and like and/or comment on the content that appeals to you. Engage on, Message & Follow Profiles

Message, follow and engage with user profiles that match your target audience. Such profiles can be found on the follower lists of your competitors.

Post Content Post original or curated content on your feed or story. Impromptu posting is fantastic for flexibility!

Manager Checkup

Contact any ambassadors you have hired for community management services and check up on their daily progress. Set realistic and measurable targets for engagement.

Download Now: Ugenie’s Daily Community Action Plan Template

Ugenie - Daily Community Action Plan (Template)
Download XLSX • 13KB

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