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July 22, 2021

If you’re a coaching community leader or creator, then this one’s for you!

Throughout your coaching journey, you have surely realised that what happens before and after a session is equally as important as the session itself.

Queue: Quenza.

They have devised a wonderful way to offer coaching clients holistic value which transcends one-to-one coaching sessions.

With Quenza, you are able to easily drag-and-drop your coaching activities, switch between different activity styles, send automated care pathways, and look at real-time results.

For the best engagement and education, Quenza host the ability to create homework exercises, micro-learning content, assessments, surveys, and scales.

Worried about your coaching onboarding process? Quenza have that covered too, with offers of digital intake forms, contracts, and terms of service.

And, to top it off, your clients’ results are vibrantly visualised with pie charts.

Explore Quenza’s dynamic range of options by clicking the link below!


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