Why Aren’t People Joining Your New Community Platform?

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January 17, 2022

Transferring your community or membership from one platform to another is strenuous enough without the added pressure of ensuring your members are coming along on the journey with you.

Having worked with 100s of community leaders, we find that there are a few main reasons why they do not move their loyalty across.

First, like most of us, they don’t like change. Humans are creatures of habit and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to technology. Once we learn how to use something, we tend to stick to it - even when it stops serving us the best way.

This is also one of the reasons we think people stick to Facebook Groups even though they don’t necessarily work as well for communities like they used to. In our blog on how Ugenie compares to Facebook, Slack and Whatsapp, you can explore why community platforms serve a better purpose.

Or perhaps they’re unsure on how to navigate the new platform, which in this case is uHubs.

As we have worked through the transition process with a lot of our communities leaders, we put together some of our top tips which will help your members who are struggling With the change to fully embrace your community home.

why aren't people joining your new community platform

💡 Top Tips For New Joiners

✨ Create an information pack for your users so they understand what your uHubs community is, how to join it and what they will have access to within it. You can also use our how to join guide alongside your pack.

✨ Use your current platform(s) to demo your membership community, for example, post screenshots of your member interactions, posts and encourage followers to migrate. It will help if you include links to join your community within these.

✨ Use an emailing list to share what’s going on in your uHubs community so members can see what they are missing out on, there’s nothing like creating curiosity to join with a drop of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

✨ Plan exclusive events for your uHubs community to give your followers an incentive to join, if they don’t join they’ll be missing out on the information and excitement.

✨ If you have the means to do so, allow members to access a free trial. People are more likely to want to pay for something that they’ve already been tried and tested.

✨ Use Ugenie’s blog to learn The Key to Sales Content.

Helping Your Community Navigate uHubs

Alongside those mentioned above, the Ugenie blog offers a range of articles you can share with your members to help them better understand who we are and how they can get started in your community on uHubs.

If your members want to know how to join your community or how to gain access to it, share this and allow them to read through it at their own pace.

And if there’s anything specific you’re looking for to help your community, visit our blog and use the search tab in the top right corner.

Good luck with your uHubs community joiners!

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