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August 3, 2021

Managing Directors (MDs) and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are in demanding positions. Therefore, they crave a network, involving similar individuals who share common experiences. Introducing: CEO Central, on uHubs! We interviewed Simon Hartley, the founder of CEO Central, to learn more about the motivations behind the project, alongside the uHub.

Simon Hartley

Simon Hartley is the founder of CEO Central. It's a subsidiary of 'Be World Class', his broader coaching brand.

He’s passionate about coaching individuals, teams, leaders, and organisations, to ensure that they perform at their peak. During an impressive 25-year tenure in the field of sport psychology, Simon has enabled athletes and teams to improve their mental game. The English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Premiership Rugby Union, Super League, and Formula One Championships, are a few notable beneficiaries of his expertise.

By studying the mindsets of successful sportsmen, as well as other professionals in pressurised environments, Simon has explored the principles of resilience and confidence. He's now determined to share such wisdom with leaders in the business world.

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CEO Central

Through awareness, Simon began to realise the loneliness epidemic affecting MDs and CEOs, likely caused by the inherently testing nature of their roles. Leaders are typically isolated and dispersed across the business world. So, before CEO Central, a medium to express concerns, worries, and difficulties, barely existed.

Simon's solution was simple. Create a network and world-class forum, which allows business leaders to open up to one another, share ideas, and learn.

“It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top,” Simon believes.

CEO Central was born. A space for purpose-driven, high-performing, and people-focused leaders, became apparent and accessible! The forum contains an array of insights, in the form of questions, articles, posts, videos, TV-style episodes, podcasts, free digital programmes, and more. The first 60 days of membership are free. But, it is paid thereafter, to monitor if members are genuine business leaders, and to ensure that they derive the utmost value from the community.

Why CEO Central Chose Ugenie

“We considered an online community platform to grow our community. We looked at Slack and even settling with a Facebook Group. However, we needed functionality and brand aesthetic. Also, we didn’t want to be subject to the Facebook algorithm. On Facebook, the likelihood of our content appearing in front of the right people was becoming smaller”.

~ Simon Hartley

CEO Central on uHubs

To house his community, and to grow his membership numbers, Simon decided to choose Ugenie's uHubs. So far, his feedback on the platform has been refreshingly positive!

  • Simon regards the app as straightforward, highly functional and user-friendly. He noted that, within the app, the calendar and video library is easy to find.

  • Simon views uHubs as an effective content management system, where videos and documents can be efficiently uploaded and grouped into folders.

  • Simon loves the aesthetic of video integration on the uHub feed. Biteable allude to the importance of video marketing, with statistics, so this is a great indicator!

Top 3 Community Tips, from Simon Hartley

  1. Build your community with the right people, rather than prioritising quantity

  2. Ensure your members are receiving value from your community or service

  3. Once a critical mass of members is reached, implement a referral system

As Simon informs more business leaders about the CEO Central membership opportunity, a greater need for ongoing improvement of interaction systems will arise. That’s just one of the reasons why we’re due to launch live streaming capabilities. We hope to foster humanistic interactions within online networks like CEO Central.

Together, let’s grow this driven, resourceful and impactful community! Thank you for choosing us!

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